Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kase's Photo Shoot

Here are some recent photos of Kase!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Here's Something New!!

Ok.... Here it is something new.
My computer no longer has internet and all of my stuff is saved on there so here is some pics of us off my mom and dads computer.
Kesler on Super Bowl
Kase on Super Bowl
Ashton and Me on New Years
Clayton and Gib on New Years
Ashton, Dallen, Rachel, Me, Kesler and Gib
on Super Bowl
(by the way I won 100 bucks)
Chad, Me and Dal on Christmas
So here is some fun news
Kesler is going to Disneyland!!!
My mom and dad are taking Kesler to Disneyland for a week and are leaving on Sunday.
He is so excited!!
These are a few pictures of him on his treasure hunt telling him he was going to Disneyland.
reading a clue to the next spot!
his balloons at the end 
This is going to be the longest time he has spent away from us. I am going crazy and all he says is mom its ok you can call me if you get sad!! I asked him if he is going to miss us at all and he replied with maybe but grandma, grandpa, mickey, goofy and donald are going to be there I will be fine.