Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Bell!

So as many of you know Thursday was the day I went to the doctor to find out what we was having. The ultrasound went fine and it looked wonderful and healthy. Notice that I said it- well we wasn't able to find out, it was being a little shy and didn't want to uncross it's legs. Which is really funny cause both of our boys flaunted what they had!!! So I guess we will have to wait another month before trying again! I will keep you updated!

Family Reunion!

~Lyons Family Reunion~

Kesler's 6 Birthday!!

On July 27 we celebrated Kesler's 6th Birthday, with a Transformers Birthday party! It was alot of fun. He got a lot of fun stuff including the Wii, clothes, school stuff and lots of transformers. I can't believe are little guy is 6 already!
Happy Birthday Kesler!!


A few weeks ago Clayton took me golfing up to Millsite in Ferron. When we got there Casey and Kerri had just arrived and we ended up golfing with them. I didn't do too much golfing. I was more on the hunt for lost golf balls. :) We ended up having a great time though.